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            CIMM Group providing ventilators to help Serbian people fighting against COVID-19

            The International Development Department of Government of the Republic of Serbia's sent a letter to the Chinese association of small and medium enterprises authorized CIMM Group to purchasing 100 units of High Flow Oxygen Ventilators. Due to the Republic of Serbia as a friendly neighbor, China, we consider from the general situation to help provide 100 Oxygen Therapy Ventilators OH – 70C to help Government of Serbia jointly resist COVID - 19 epidemic.
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            We provided 100 units of High Flow Nasal Cannula Oxygen Ventilators to Serbia because these ventilators are the mostly used in Wuhan hospitals for COVID-19 patients.

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            These 100 units ventilators are distributed into the following hospitals in Serbia:
            Clinical center Nis,
            Clinical center Kragujevac,
            Clinical center Vojvodina
            General hospital Cacak
            General hospital Valjevo
            General hospital Zvezdara
            General hospital Smederevo

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            CIMM Group is now providing our effort to the countries of worldwide who’s fighting against COVID-19. We are responsible and willing to help you.
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