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            Ventilator production capacity of China only accounts for 20% 
            of the world; it is difficult to support global demands due to 
            the key components are controlled by others.

            At the press conference held on March 30, the Ministry of Industry and Information 
            Technology introduced 21 invasive ventilator manufacturers in China, accounting for 
            about only 1/5 of global production capacity, not as the rumor goes that China is the 
            largest ventilator manufacturer in the world. However, due to the effective epidemic 
            prevention and control of China, the current capacity of ventilators has been rapidly 
            increased. In just 10 days since March 19, China has exported 1,700 ventilators and 
            has received 20,000 orders. The epidemic is likely to become an important 
            opportunity to improve the quality and efficiency of China's ventilator industry. 
            Almost all of the ventilators used in the ICU are invasive ventilators. To use this 
            ventilator, the doctors need to cut the patient's trachea first, and the patients obtain the 
            required oxygen by artificial air conduction. Ventilator is an essential life support 
            device for critically ill patients and patients with severe lung infections. Since the 
            outbreak of the Coronavirus, the demand for invasive ventilators around the world has 
            risen rapidly, which make the ventilators being an important medical resource for 
            governments of all countries.

            On usual critically ill patients have lost the ability to breathe spontaneously, which 
            leads the high requirements on the pressure control and gas supply stability of 
            invasive ventilators, and also the difficult production. The "artificial lung" that 
            played an active role in the rescue of critically ill patients with Coronavirus was 
            actually a higher-end invasive ventilator. In normal years, 40,000 to 50,000 invasive 
            ventilators can be produced per year. At present, more than half of the world's 
            ventilators are produced by European countries. Hamilton Medical in Switzerland is 
            the world's largest ventilator manufacturer. With the recent rapid expansion of 
            production capacity, the daily output of Hamilton is only 70 units.
            In the past, the ventilators used in top three hospitals of China were almost all 
            products of European and American companies; their price is hundreds of thousands
            per unit. In recent years, with the continuous improvement of manufacturing level, 
            more and more Chinese companies have mastered the manufacturing process of
            high-end medical equipment such as invasive ventilators. The ventilator output of 
            China now reaches 20% of the world, which is also a remarkable result. However, at 
            present the ventilator manufacturers in China have not captured all the core key 
            technologies. The proportional valves and other flow control component used on the 
            ventilator still need to be imported from European and American countries, which 
            also limit the further development of Chinese ventilator industry.
            Due to the global spread of Coronavirus, there is now a general shortage of ventilators 
            in all countries over the world. Just the demand of New York is 30,000 ventilators.
            Now Rolls Royce, McLaren, GE, Ford and other well-known enterprises are turning 
            to the production of the ventilator, the demand for key components of the ventilator 
            will definitely increase significantly. Hamilton, a Swiss company, recently faced 
            production difficulties after Romania banned the export of a part for ventilator. 
            Finally the Romanian government resumed its export by the way of the Swiss 
            government to replace the component with a finished set ventilator. It now appears 
            that the global epidemic of the Coronavirus cannot be quietly ended within a few 
            months. If Chinese companies do not speed up the research and development of key 
            parts and components, the future production capacity may still be controlled by 
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