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            Metallurgical Acid Making & Flue-gas Treatment


            1) Business Scope:

             - Metallurgical acid project
             - Pyrite roasting acid project
             - Sulfur burning acid project
             - Low concentration of SO2 gas treatment project
             - Arsenic and heavy metallicion waste acid treatment project
             - Dust and impurity removal projectfrom gas through wet means

            2) Advaned Technology + Energy Saving + Globle Service

            Application of dynawave cleaning and scrubbing technique into SO2 gas treatment,now over 50 applications has been already made in China.
            Application of "low-level high-efficiency drying and absorbing technique".
            Application of high concentration SO2 conversion technique in the world was operated as a success.
            Application of waste acid sulfurization treatment technique.
            Application of regenerable amine SO2 recovery technique.

            3) Some pictures of our typical projects:

            acid making1

            Tel: +86-411-62885583
            Email: sales@cimmuk.com
            Address: 2/F, Zhiye Plaza, 135 Guangxian Road, Dalian High-Tech Industrial Zone, Dalian, Liaoning, China 116023
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