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            Information Technology Company

            CIMM Information Technology Co Ltd is a wholly-owned subsidiary of CIMM Group. Its main mission is to construct ARK OF CHINA (which is an industrial internet platform to help Chinese SMEs to go global) and 18 vertical platforms in different industries to promote international production capacity cooperation. The main services provided to customers include Precision-marketing, accompanying service, and agent-operation service.
            Ark of China is the first Industrial Internet E-Commerce platform providing on-line to off-line professional business information service and integrated solution for Chinese Manufacturers who are interested in going global and for Foreign Manufacturers who are interested in doing business with China. It provides business information, on-line matching between Manufacturers and Buyers, on-line trade, technology transfer, M&A and a series of Financial solutions to all these business activities alongside the supply chain to VIP clients. It currently covers mainly the business activities in the Iron and Steel, Metallurgy and High End Manufacturing worldwide.
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